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1. A word used, often disparagingly, to describe individuals who profess to "love" animals but still consume animal products.
2. Individuals who seem to only care about the welfare of "cute" animals such as popular mammals while lacking concern for less appealing animals like reptiles or insects.
3. Occasionally, specifically used to denote individuals who subscribe to the ethnocentric viewpoint that eating companion animals (dogs, cats) is wrong, but eating livestock (cattle, chickens, pigs, etc) is acceptable.
1. "I was at a fund raiser for a animal shelter yesterday and a woman at my table was eating a turkey sandwich. I'm so sick of hypocritical cuddletarians!"
2. "Mike boycotts veal and loves his pet kitten, but eats fish practically every day; cuddletairian, much?"
3. "Some cuddletarian animal welfare groups campaign against dog and cat eating in China but never say a word about eating cattle, pigs, and poultry in our own country."
by Wiktor May 29, 2008
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