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Cuck-roaches are "men's rights activists" who harass women on the internet.
"I posted that laughing at sexual assault is bad, and a swarm of cuck-roaches started posting sexist garbage at me. Do those bros even fuck?"
by HarmonicaVirgin October 18, 2016
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A team on Rocket League that have a cockroach on their car
Oh look that guy is from the Cuckroach team, i heard that they got Korean Cockroaches on them, That is why they are so good
by Olebart July 28, 2017
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a cuckroach is a category of disgusting illegals, mainly from Mexico, who leech off from the good american life and claim to be racially victimized while claiming America to be Mexico, and assumes everyone is racists while making racists remarks. Can be easily spotted at protest/riots by waving a Mexican flag.
Look at the cuckroaches throwing shit at the people who have a different opinion than them.
by AZwtf May 25, 2016
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A cuckservative who scurries away whenever the light is shone on him.
When someone accurately called Nick Searcy a cuckservative on Twitter, he went full cuckroach and blocked the other user, rather than defend his cucky behavior. Probably because he knew there was no defending adopting an IQ 65 African kid who will never be capable of understanding our culture, our laws, or working as anything other than a janitor and living on welfare for his entire life, rather than just leaving him in the society that he's a product of, and where he would do ok, although at a lower standard of living.
by Dirk Manly00 April 22, 2018
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