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When someone begins crying suddenly and has- seemingly- not much reason behind doing so. It's typically to gain sympathy via shock and awe.
She whipped out the old crying lightning on me when I tried to break up with her
by BBwings March 29, 2016
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1. A song by the Arctic Monkeys

2. Usually a girl who suddenly starts crying (light how lightning suddenly strikes) to get attention, to be forgiven for something that they have no excuse for or to make people feel sorry for them. They might do it during a break-up, argument ect.
3. A descriptive phrase used to describe a girl who’s crying, cussing her makeup (especially massacre) to run down her face and form patterns that look like lightning bolts.
1. Crying lightning is my favourite song.
2. She always starts to cry lightning when she and her boyfriend are arguing

3. Last night at the party Abbie looked like she’d been crying lightning after her she caught her boyfriend cheating on her
by Hepig June 14, 2018
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