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n. tactlessly crying out personal secrets of others and later backtracking while blaming others for exaggerating said comments.

(As in the case of NBA Miami Heats coach Erik Spoelstra when he told press that his players, which included Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh, cried in the locker room after a tough one point loss to the Chicago Bulls following a three game losing streak. Coach later acted surprised that his comments became the main topic of sports discussion, subsequently denying the crying incident. Spoelstra blamed reporters searching for sensationalism.)
Lebron whimpering: "Coach certainly took his talents to the School of Crygate."

Wade: "Don't worry honey, go back to bed"

Chris: "Well, at least he didn't mention our names... hey, quit hogging the blanket!"
by chongqingking March 09, 2011
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When you partii like a rockstar before having quantifiable results because you think your awesome.. but then turns out you suck and cry like a baby
Man did you see Dan today??

He had his own crygate after talking smack and then losing the game bad.. just like the Miami Heat.
by heatguy225 March 08, 2011
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