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1) A sexual maneuver involving three or more people. The person in the middle is said to receive on one end and give on the other.

2) This can also refer to being at the center of a "human centipede" where bulk is received on one end, repackaged, and then distributed as a new product on the other.
Steve's mouth hurt and was expelling an distinct aroma from all the cross docking last night.
by Thermos SCM August 02, 2016
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When two penises are docked next to one another for stimulation.
Steve and Paul only needed to use one hand since they were already cross docking.
by Thermos SCM July 12, 2016
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When one male puts his dick on top of another male's dick
Hey, bro. Were you and Jordan cross docking last night? I thought I heard a fencing match through the walls.
by chillchazz June 05, 2016
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When a straight guy ejaculates inside of another mans Penis.
Bruce Willis was crossdocking Colin Farrel.
by starbuvk\ August 26, 2019
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When you invite a girl over and hook up with her and then invite your friends over to all fuck her too.
Yo man want to hangout? Nah dude, Noel is coming over, but we can go cross-docking after!
by MjizzleandCblu July 16, 2016
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