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A town in Tennessee named Cookeville Tennessee.

Dubbed so because of the tendencies of local dignitaries to line their pockets at the cost of poverty level, homeless, disabled and/or handicapped citizens.

CrookvilleJoe is a local rapper who is accredited with dubbing the town after watching crooklyn by spike Lee for the first time in 2001. Being that the town's nicknames at the time ( cook Vegas and cookietown) did not imply any truths, this nickname helped fuel the young artist to promote the NEWLY NAMED "CROOKVILLE" IN HIS FIRST RELEASED, INDIVIDUALLY PRODUCED, BASEMENT RECORDINGS AT 14-15 YEARS OLD while attending Cookeville high school.
Welcome to CROOKVILLE, where you will need to watch your p's sale ya Q's snort the T's and be the I.
by Crookvillejoe July 26, 2018
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