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One of the leading Criminal Organizations in Eastern Europe. The Croatian Mafia is split between 3 families, which act as one. 95% of the Croatian Government is Mafia controlled. The Croatian Mafia is a major kingpin in Afghani Heroin trafficking, human trafficking, and money laundering. The Mafia is said to be still 'underground and undedected' by Croatian Officials. Also, The Don of the Families is said to have strong connections with the IRA and the Italian Mafia.
The Serbian chetnik known as 'Pussy Arkan' was assasinated by 3 Croatian Mafia connected Hitman in the lobby of a 4 star Belgrade Hotel. He was shot to death with 9mm fully automatic SUB-UZIS. It was said that his Vigina bled also.
by AnteUSTASA September 18, 2006
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