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Any person with a last name of Crnic, generally shared by Croatian men but can also be had by anyone who's ancestry is in a country currently inhabitting what was once Yugoslavia such a Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, and several others. A Crnic will most definitly posess some if not all of the following qualities:
own a 2+ acre property
drink malt licquor such as Olde English or Colt 45
play with fire with alcohol, gasoline or fireworks, and use fire either outside or inside as part of his daily or weekly lifestyle
has A.D.D. and therefore has difficulty functioning in society due to unresponsiveness, failure to pay attention, mood swings, insomnia, boredom, or provoking temporary symptoms similiar to A.D.D. to any of his/her friends
steals people's girlfriends... god damnit
doesn't give a damn because he is made out of laffy taffy and is constantly looking for something to break out of sheer boredom
clots instantly after getting cut or otherwise injured
is a member of Clan IV
loves cats and furry woodland creatures
will suffer from some sort of mental dysfunction besides A.D.D. if he hasn't already
haha there goes that rob crnic again with that kid's girlfriend, is he having a bonfire tonight? if he is we gotta get a lot of 40's. i really want to play with his chocolate bunny when we are there but he'll probably go insane and burn his house down cuz he just doesn't give a shit
by Nick Chiara August 04, 2006
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