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Criminal aliens: illegal immigrants who cross borders in order to work illegaly and are blamed for most of new wave crimes in the host country.
-In Denmark, the Iranian/ Iraqi & Kurdish crimaliens are the only fly in the that wonderful economic bowl: they wreck, loot and rape everything that moves! And when anti-immigrant cries or anti-Islamist cartoons are used to try and portray the sense of anger and betrayal... Danes are called 'racists' and 'anit-Islamist' by the same 'cunt'ries these crimaliens came from!

-Israel -- a modern immigrants' country by its own nature -- faced a wave of Jordanian crimaliens who sneaked into its tightly-guarded borders to wreak holy havoc and disappear into thin air... that they have been called in Hebrew 'Shabachim', or ghosts!
by hammer---;, hytham April 11, 2007
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