the act of committing small mischief late at night, usually in the suburbs.
STEVE: hey dude lets go creepy crawling
GREG: ok, we'll go piss in our neighbors pool
by chunk manmusk October 11, 2009
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sneaking into someone's home and rearranging their things (furniture) or taking unvaluable things that while not expensive are obvious (e.g., all the lightbulbs)

see Manson Family
My "family" and I creepy crawled the joint while they were out. The owners flipped out, man.
by tdlier May 25, 2012
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to stalk someone with a far less sinister intent, however, with far less skill
I saw this girl at the mall the other day, and I got in some creepy crawls hoping to see her try some panties on.
by nigel May 6, 2004
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