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A picture taken, generally of a woman, without her knowledge or consent. Creepshots are similar to upskirts, but are usually of the butts of women in yoga pants, or shots of women who happen to be showing a great amount of cleavage.
"Oh man, you gotta see this creepshot of this brunette walking down the street. Amazing ass."
by Archaevon August 13, 2012
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A person who takes a booty camera shot of a girl who is not expecting it.
Look at that girl over there in her yoga pants ordering a coffee, that would be a great creep shot.
by AcePuppy April 30, 2012
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Originally referring to the act of taking a picture of a Girl In Yoga Pants in public without their knowledge.

Coined on, many spin offs including a Twitter profile and website of the exact name have been created and use the term.
Ex 1: Yo man, you see that new creep shot on GIYP?

Ex 2: Check out this fine as creep shot I took of this girl's ass, she didn't even know!
by CreepShotter May 23, 2012
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