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When you're checking out a young lady, possibly a schoolie, and she is admittedly hot even for her young age, maybe 18 or under. If you are being creeper and eyeing the girl, you are giving her the creep eye.
Miller was at Taco Bell putting the creep eye on that girl in the cheerleader uniform.
by bigdust13 January 12, 2010
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When one makes the "OK" sign with the index fingure and thumb, and puts their hand up to their eye, with the nails facing their noise. It is most effective with a creepy look on ones face. With that pose, enters random female's personal space and stares at them through the "creep eye".
In a club approach females with the creep eye and shoot YEAEAEAHHHHHH in a creep way.
by Boozif December 07, 2009
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