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Cream is a cute little rabbit from the "Sonic the Hedgehog" video games. She flys with her ears and uses her chao, Cheese, to attack.
Cream has Appered in these games:
Sonic Advance 2(GBA)
Sonic Adventure DX (GCN) as a cameo
Sonic Heroes (GCN)
Sonic Battle (GBA)
Sonic Advance 3 (GBA)
by SwordKirby537 March 23, 2004
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A Rabbit character introduced to the "Sonic the Hedgehog" games in 2003 in "Sonic Advance 2", can use her ears to fly and her pet Chao, Cheese, to attack enemies.

Is just as cute as Amy Rose. But, has an annoying voice in both English and Japanese versions of "Sonic X" and "Sonic Heroes"
Cream is very cute, but has an annoying voice.
by Ash_K May 16, 2004
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A polite sweet little girl using Cheese as her weapon she can fly with her ears.She hates robotnik
I think she feeds her Choa Crack:)
by Colton May 07, 2004
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A six year old, anthropomorphic rabbit from the sonic the hedghog series that uses her best friend, cheese as a weapon of most games. She is the daughter of vanilla the rabbit also seen with her in some games.
Cream appears in sonic advance for the GBA, she is seen as a cameo in sonic adventure DX, sonic heroes, sonic rush, sonic battle, sonic advance 3, and the TV show, Sonic X. she is the only sonic character to have her weight revealed, at 26 lbs.
by GOD OF ALL THINGS LIFELESS February 18, 2011
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