A crazybitch is like a crazy bitch, but more likely to attack your psyche than your person. She will do things that make completely no sense and not care that she is doing them. She is very selfish, and while she realizes this, she, again, doesn't care.
Coop: Oh yeah, he has one night off work and he was going to go to Pat's birthday party....

Dan: So she's mad that He's not spending every free minute he has with her?

Coop: Yeah, basically.....

Dan: Hey, I'm not for the whole "bros before hos" thing, but I'm going with Cam on this one, 'cause she is a crazybitch.
by second from the coiner March 5, 2006
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Someone with low intelligence that has no sense of right and/or wrong doing.
Usually controlling of others although not aware of it, usually associated with females.
I can't believe she did that and thinks its okay, what a crazybitch
by JWsd69 February 17, 2015
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