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the room in your house used for getting wasted, smashing bottles, getting in situations or any other kind of outrageous acts. a room that was made to be be trashed often located in the basement. In the old days, this was referred to as the rumpus room.
Excuse me, I need to use your crazy room, where do you smash your bottles?
by baits September 10, 2007
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Refers to a craziness or insanity that one does not suffer from, but rather enjoys. Commonly done for one's enjoyment and not out of actual mental illness.
Use #1: Kitty is CRAZYROOM.
Use #2: Join the CRAZYROOM, buddy!
Use #3: CRAZYROOM!!!
by Elbot Wolfcat April 03, 2005
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A state of insanity that is enjoyable.
It is craved by some.
Example 1: Aero wishes he was CRAZYROOM.
Example 2: He is addicted to CRAZYROOM.
by Aero The Dragon August 24, 2005
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