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crapistan (cra - pis - tan)

origin : comes from the word crap meaning anything which is bullshit. Stan is an ancient Persian and/or Farsi word meaning country, nation, land, or place.
crapistan is the name of a place or a situation that sucks.
crapistan comes from the words hindustan, pakistan afghanistan and so on....where stan stands for place.

it does not mean to offend any religious background or country.
it just is crapistan
crapistan can be anything in the world that is crap and completely sucks or a situation that cannot be helped.
crapistan is a feeling of helplessness and disgust!
spread its awesomeness!
My dog ate my homework! Crapistan! (can be use as a substitute for fuck/shit/damn/crap)
by The Postcard Chor May 23, 2010
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