Crapflooding is a form of trolling online media such as discussion websites or Usenet newsgroups with nonsensical, inane, and/or repetitive postings in order to make it difficult for other users to read other postings. It can also be motivated by a desire to waste the targetted site's bandwidth and storage space with useless text.

It is also used to refer to such postings on image boards which queue a certain number of pictures at any given time, and thus crapflooding pushes back (or even out) relevant information.

As a technique, crapflooding is typically considered by other trolls to be a "lesser" form of trolling since less intellectual effort is involved in carrying it out. However, initiating crapflooding may involve significant intelligence and work; for instance, in having to circumvent anti-crapflooding measures.

Crapflooding can also be carried out via scripts or other utilities, which could handle the task much quicker than doing so by hand.
Holyshit myg0t just crapflooded that forum. RIFK.
by [myg0t]OverlordQ December 18, 2004
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