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A crapcycle is an insane amount of crap that has happened to you throughout one single day in a cyclical basis.

When the energy is low, and you are not really jazzed up about possibly going for a walk, or even cooking a decent meal.

Whenever a crappy event or any sort of crap that has happened through out a period of time, and happened over again in a similar fashion it becomes a crapcycle or vicious crap cycle.

A crapcycle occurs when a crappy thing happens to you, you fix it, and then that same thing comes back and gives you more crap, over and over again.
Crapcycle this shit is just non stop, brother!

Crapcycle why in the world is this script so full of crap.

Crapcycles John! Why are you stuck in the crap cycle.

This food is full of crap! now I feel like crap! God damn you crapcycles!

You can be caught in a crapcycle for months, even years!
by sciencegeek386 July 04, 2017
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