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Cralla is another way of saying high and/or fully fucked.

Like say you just sparked a zoot and you're high, you'd say "I'm crallaaaaa".
Sometimes if you're so cralla the term is "fully cralla".
Mo: Yo nemz
Nemz: Yh Mo
Mo: I'm cralla
Sparko: Nemz,he aint cralla
Nemz: What is he then?
Sparko: He's...
Mo: *whispers* Fully crallaaaaaa
Reema: Who let Mo get cralla?!
Akash: NTN!!!
Haloomy: Let's all get CRALLAAAA
by Cralla me January 25, 2017
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A person on ventrilo chat server who has their mic too close to the speakers causing major feedback whenever they talk.
"Man...don't be such a cralla, put some headphones on."
by Taglar Dreskk February 05, 2008
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