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Person who is street savvy enough to make money fast in a shady area, without any capital, and without creating (m)any enemies. Generally this is most commonly done by "middle man" operations within the illicit drug community, but not always. A crackintosh might "pimp a ho" whereas he knows a horny ass freak (possible client) that loves the pro's particular skillsets:

"Yo' G, I got y'all another one without any teeth! Yeah, Yeah! And this one'll prolly TakE a 20! Cute too! Just remember my fee, 25%...So, we cool?"
MAN #1:

"Shit G, how are you going to pay your rent after takin' a loss like that MaN! 5-O took everything you had, even found that insurance bill you hide in your shoe!? Rent is due in 2 days and I am still short on my half! "
MAN #2
"Brutha I got this! I'll just need to go downtown and crackintosh this muthaf*cka like a champ B! Good thing it's Thursday huh? DT gonna be bumpin' heavy all night next 2 days; Guaranteed I find some crack-a-laction goin' on, maybe that one ho Justine will be on day 3 or 4 by then too! I bring dat bitch biz ALL DAY she so cute. And by day 4 MaN she almost handin out brains for free!"
by cr4ckint0sh November 23, 2017
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