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A phrase used to describe something that's sold at a discounted price. When you buy something at a "crackhead price", you're buying it cheaper than it would normally be.

It's called a crackhead price because crackheads go around selling goods a prices way cheaper than the actual value of the goods that way they can get a quick sale and buy some more crack.
Tyreek: Yo, wanna stop by Daeqwans house tonight, he gots lots of new rims and car stereos, man he's selling them at crackhead prices.

Shantay: Naw dawg, I gotta go pimp so hoes, make that money.
by Astelin November 07, 2006
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When something is sold at a price far below market value. It is as if the seller is so desperate for drug money that he/she is willing to sell the item at any price regardless of how rediculously low.
"I just got 50 inch plasma screen T.V. at that yard sale! It was like crack head prices over there."
by SOME____1 April 24, 2007
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