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Mad, insane, bats, nuts, bonkers, wacko, barmy.
I've been learning about quantum computing. It's totally cré.
by atatdotdot February 06, 2019
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Culture Rarely Every Seen; Sticker's, stencil's, graffiti, and various other street art seen unintentionally.
by You and I January 26, 2008
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Someone who has no choice but to serve as a trashman for the rest of their lives. There is no known way of escaping this planned out future.
Dude you smell like a Cres
by A Trashman January 30, 2008
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Danish slang for the word "cringey".

It was created by the youtuber Christian Kulmbach otherwise know as Spillejan or Jan.
Person 1: Hey dude *dabs*
Person 2: Cre
by TheAutismo April 23, 2020
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