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This is a procedure that is done at the woman's or man's request after the woman has given birth. Giving birth literally tears the vagina to shreds. The courtesy stitch is a courtesy FOR THE GUY so that he can enjoy having sex with a woman whose vagina is not 8 inches in diameter.
Bob agreed to have children only is Margaret agreed to have courtesy stitches after birth.
by Brian Washington October 17, 2006
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Similar to the “husband stitch”, A
after a female has a baby they stitch the busted vagina to how it was before she had a baby. The husband stitch is that extra stitch that makes the vagina tighter than before the female gave birth.
After having 3 pig babies, sex was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway; my doctor says I need a Courtesy Stitch to please my husband.
by Tagurit888 October 15, 2018
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