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A very unique individual, very wise but does not think he knows it all, mature also handsome & humble. He is the type of guy that questions every thing just to see what your reply would be, some what funny more on the serious side also he is very quiet you could hear a pin drop around him. He complains a lot if he cares about something if not he is very free-spirited he is a good person at heart does favors out of nature, however he is a very shy person he is cautious around unfamiliar people. A very outgoing person but knows how to keep his priorities together. In addition a very smooth guy at everything he does knows how to treat a lady he is chivalrous and charming his male friends say he is too lovey-dovey but that's just the way he is but will get hostile he tolerates no lies, people who beat around the bush and bullshit. People like that gets X out his life ASAP
Cosean you are so quiet

Cosean he is an sweetheart

Cosean makes it look easy
by Our father January 03, 2014
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