Crow lover or obsesser. Usually of a mischevious or dark personality, but most definately considered 'different.' Often a part of the gothic or punk subcultures. They tend to love words and literature, and have a higher IQ than the general public. That doesn't mean they still cant be complete idiots, however.

They associate themselves with crows because crows are misjudged and often seen to be evil beings because of their diet, harsh call, and black plumage; however anyone that's ever spent an adequate amount of time in the presence of a crow will know they're actually a lot of fun and extremely smart animals who can form tight bonds with people.
The corvidophile at school was often picked on and ridiculed for standing in the middle of crowds and cawing up at the sky, waiting for a response.
by Audrey the Odd January 14, 2005
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