The acitvity, rumoured to have become something of a craze in early 1990s LA, of disinterring a fresh(ish) female corpse and postioning one's open mouth around the pubis whilst one's friend takes a running jump at the body bringing both feet down heavily on the stomach cavity and supposedly causing a jetstream of internal matter to issue from the vagina and into the mouth of the 'mungee'. The effluvia should be fully swallowed and ingested for this to qualify as an authentic 'mung'. Opinion is divided as to the reliability of witness accounts purporting to have taken part in this ceremony. Or that the ritual has ever taken place at all.
Father Dowling: "Sister, do you have the keys to the crypt handy?"
Sister Steve: "Oh no, Father. Not corpse munging again!"
Father Dowling: "Get down those stairs you!"
Sister Steve: "Are you ready, Father?"
Father Dowling: "Ready as I'll ever be."
Sister Steve: "God forgive me"
Father Dowling: "Gaaaaaah"
Sister Steve: "Huuuueeey!"
by Shimpei Mishima September 26, 2006
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