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Monkey's climb trees...Corporate, as in manager wanabe, professionals climb ladders. Both eager to get to the top 'cause that's where the biggest rewards are. you can kiss ass, back stab, dress well, what ever the environment requires to get to the reward. Monkey's are primal...with a tendancy to have eratic behavior. Coporate Monkey's are constantly dissatisfied with there current career level always looking for satisfaction, usually by way of more management power, but money is a close second and is usually a motivating driver.
When your boss knows you are interested in management, and more money, he will offer you projects that are demanding and require more effort, usually hours too, than you usually contribute. He will tease you will how significant it is for the company and lead to REALLY good opportunities is you are successful and possibly a promotion. But the caveat is that you must prove your value to the company by busting your ass, jumping through hoops, kissing ass and HOPING for that little nugget of gratitude from your boss and the company that will someday make you king of the hill. You Sir are a corporate monkey.
by DrizzleDogg May 16, 2008
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