'Corporate Goth' sometimes known as City Goth, is a subgenre of gothic fashion. Although first adopted as a response to dress codes in corporate settings, such as offices, the 'Corporate Goth' look is often worn in non-working situations by those with mature, smart and gothic taste.

Corporate Goth’ often includes a pant suit in black or dark grey, an ornate, silk, lacy, frilled or otherwise dressy blouse/shirt and simple gothic jewellery. Dark eye makeup is usually worn, though the makeup is less overdone then other gothic looks. Lips can be left nude or an autumn shade of lipstick (dark red, plum ect) can be worn. Black lipstick is not often seen.

Acceptable colours include black, shades of grey or brown, jewel tones and white or cream.
John commented that his friends' black pantsuit, dark red blouse and black jewelry made her look rather 'corporate goth'.
by Connect4 August 17, 2007
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Person who dresses slightly more conservatively than a mall goth. Usually found in a corporate environment. Think black clothes and caked on makeup.
Astrid was sweating so much in the meeting her makeup was staining her corporate goth attire.
by Dennis O'Reilly May 19, 2006
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