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A dangerous sexual technique in which a male forcibly flicks his penis out of a female's vagina. This is typically done by the male rotating during intercourse so that the male and female face opposite directions (without discontinuing penetration), and leaning backwards toward the female, causing intense G-spot stimulation. However, this technique has a significantly high risk of damaging the male's genitalia.
Jim: Yo... I heard Rob almost lost his dick tryin' to cork tweed some chick...
Alex: Hahahahahaha!
by Kathrynne May 02, 2006
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A sexual technique in which the penis is forcibly flicked out from the vagina. The process begins as a standard doggy style. The male then rotates horizontally so he is facing away from the female's head, straddling her hips with his legs. Finally, the male leans backswards until the torque forces the bent penis out of the vagina.
Mary loves it when a guy does a cork tweed with her.
by Mr. Komodo March 29, 2006
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