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Copperstain is the discolorization of skin pigment on the pucker region of a bunghole.

Copperstain is the result of both having the rectum reamed too hard during anal sex by having cock thrown allupinzoid & the inadequate wiping techniques of the sphincter after taking a dump leaving turd smears that cause Copperstain !

There are now Copper anus bleaching cosmetic products & services available to stop Copperstain !
1) The dirty ho got Copperstain on her anus !

2) Wipe your stinking sphincter bitch, before you get a case of Copperstain that you cant bleach out !

3) Have you checked for Copperstain lately ?

4) Dime size Copper is acceptable, pancake size is YUCK !

5) Got Copper ?
by Cop September 22, 2006
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