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- Some one who is cool to hang with but does noobish things. And means " cool + loser= coolzer. Often used when describing a friend to someone and don't want him to seem all bad.

Or loser who openly admits to being loser and accepts it and lives with it, instead of complaining and bitching about it and wishing he/she were someone else is also a coolzer.
-Random guy 1: "Dude that party was awesome you should have stayed longer everyone loved you there."

Random guy 2: "Yeah but my girlfriend called and I didn't want to keep her waiting."

-Some Dude: C'mon lets go hang out or something

Loser: Well....theres this raiding party on WoW( world of warcraft)and i promised I'd join.

Random guy: Geez you such a loser.

Loser: Yep...well... later. ( coolzer sentence)
by Kealah August 03, 2007
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