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1. Common word found in various spam posts; generally on blogs.

2. The God of online spam, sexual enhancment drugs, pornography, and online gambling in Roachia.
Hasake just laughed, and was able to run so fast that he escaped Coolcoolhu's grip. He ran over to his gun, grabbing it, and then ran faster than before to Coolcoolhu's side, pushing the spider onto its back. He then fired at the stomach. "Every spider has a weak spot. And I hate spiders too!"

Coolcoolhu began to shrivel up, but not in the sense that he was dying; his form was changing. Two arms, two legs, he was taking on a more humanoid apperance. The skin was quite white, and he wore rather poofy polkadotted clothing. Coolcoolhu's nose was red and round, as if it were a ball.

Hasake laughed, putting the gun away. "I can't belive it! You are the famous It, now Coolcoolhu!"

Coolcoolhu bowed his head slightly in shame. "Pennywise... Is my uncle."

- excerpt from Roachia.
by November 04, 2006
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