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Derived from the Johns town cult that commit mass sucide by drinking poison cool aid on orders from their leader. A dyed in the wool Republican who is certain that nothing the political party could do can ever be wrong.
Dude stay away from politics at my parents house, my moms a cool aid drinker.
"If Haliburton doubled the price of the contract and still didn’t perform they obviously needed more money."
by Dangerous Dave I August 17, 2005
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Correctly spelled Koolaid drinker, this means a politician or politically active person who always thinks their party is correct. As if the republican or democratic party can do no wrong. These people are found at both ends of the political spectrum and are the reason our countrys 2 party system is all f**ked up.
Damn coolaid drinkers protesting for and against the war.
by K2Tanner November 10, 2007
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