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Similar to the classic bogart who wont pass the joint while others are waiting, this type of bogart comes into groups and social occasions, sucking up as much attention, conversation and energy as they can. bogart motivation factors can be sexual, social, energy suck or attention suck, sometimes no motivation as that is just who they are (habitually loud, rude, obnoxious,self-centered, self-seeking or inconsiderate. tactics of conversation bogarts may include but not limited to: -Overtalking, loudtalking or overvoluming everyone else in the room.
-Interrupting others, strategically ignoring others, or monologging so as to leave no room for anyone else to speak.
-Acting, or including elements of performance art into the bogarting for maximum effect. Can include dramatazition, apparel and makeup techniques etc.
-Sizing, size intimidation, strategic placement of a big fat body in a room, so as to insure all communications are interceptable or controllable, placement of the big fat body may also be in a place where everyone must look at the bogart. persons interested in talking to or saying hello to others or must somehow signal them to summon them away. Conversation bogarts may be covertly aware of this enjoy holding others at bay. Chronic conversation bogarts may be oblivious to others. Strategic conversation bogarts maintain intentional obliviousness..
-Cock blocking or fem blocking, where the conversation bogart uses sex, or gender preference to determine strategy.
“Lenny is such a fat fuck, every time he is around I do not bother to try to talk to anyone, because he’s a conversation bogart”
“Did you see how Elaine kept moving in on Sally and Patty over there? I wanted to talk to Sally but I couldn’t even get near her or get a word in edgewise. What a conversation bogart!”
by switchboardpub May 25, 2015
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