It is the arch-nemesis of the manager. The Individual Contributor (IC) is a non-management member of a business team that actually contributes to the goals and mission of the company. An IC typically talks normal, unlike management ablaze with buzz words/phrases like: synergy, low hanging fruit, things of that nature, etc.
"Who's gonna do this work today?"

"Not me, I'm a manager. It it up to my Individual Contributors to help us meet our goals this week."
by Fudge Dragon Slayer December 15, 2011
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A Top Contributor on Yahoo Answersis a person who is particularly knowledgeable in up to three sections on the answers website. The specific formula is not known, but one can become a Top Contributor by doing the following:

*~Getting a lot of best answers for the category
*~Keeping questions to a minimum
*~if a question is asked, choosing the Best Answer yourself, as opposed to going letting it be decided by vote
*~Reliably reporting abuse
*~voting for best answers on unresolved questions

Top contributors are identified by the bright orange badge underneath the avatars of users. They are reviewed weekly, and if you do not maintain the previous level of contribution, you can lose top contributor status.
OMG! I just got a Top Contributor badge this week! I hope it doesn't make me the target of abuse from report trolls. But it is worth the bragging rights!
by Angelica Bowman(PCB) November 29, 2007
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1. an Employee whos the Boss doesn't understood and that why must be me again?

2. When the kid need to apoligize his Mom but will never do that. But always has done after calm down :)
ad. 1. My boss John ordered me wash his car and Even didn't ask me do I want to do or can do that. (So now I'll be a self-contributor)
ad. 2. ... everybody knows the feeling : self-contributor
by proJektdariusz2D May 1, 2018
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