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A contract weasel is a person in a large sales organization that just sits around the office. He/she will appear busy when the boss is around. But in all actuality they are doing personal business on the company time. The only reason they are sitting there is to catch a call in or a person to walk in to the office. This type of individual is very very common in Military Recruiting offices. Although they are less common in the civilian world. Because their types of actions would get them fired. This person also has close association to the boot weasel. They think they know everything there is to know about sales but they really don't know shit.
Hey Jim who do you have going to MEPS this week? I am sending down Tim...What? you mean that dude I met last week down at the store. Yeah he came in ready to join. What the fuck? You are nothing but a damn contract weasel. Thanks for nothing you jackass now I have to go to Mount Olympus because I am going to roll a zero this month.
by pantyteamaster August 25, 2010
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