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1. A wave that is unbreaking and ongoing. Can be regular or modulated (as long as the modulations are themselves regular).

2. The ongoing gesture made by a friend, spouse, or other acquaintance whose ship is leaving the harbor.

3. The Wave happening inside a stadium that goes on for an unusually long time. This phenomenon is rare, and should be memorized like it's a double rainbow.

1. A flashlight, the sun, and any other solid light.

2. Constant, ongoing sounds, such as the "beeeeeeeeep" tone marking someone's death at a hospital, a mosquito that just won't go away, a broken car horn after it has rear-ended somebody.

3. "For five solid minutes my friend continuously waved to the masses below as the ship moved away. He might have gone on waving then, but I didn't see him afterwards so I dunno."

4. Guy 1: "Remember that time The Wave broke out at the game a year ago? The one that went on for like five minutes?"

Guy 2: "Yeah, now that's what I call a continuous wave. You don't see shit like that every day."
by Remousamavi April 03, 2014
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