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Your rights as a consumer.

As a consumer you (should) have a right to products that:
a) will not explode and destroy your city block
b) will not burn an orifice in your intestine
c) do not contain heavy metals
d) et
unless explicitly stated that they do.

As Americans, we have seen a large reduction in consumer rights, largely being yielded to allow the expansion of coporate rights because of corporate lobbyists in Washington.
Politicians in Washington are funded by corporations. Corporations don't care about consumer rights, they care about making a profit. Making a profit usually means disregarding consumer rights.

Ralph Nader is a consumer rights advocate.

Great Britain banned Dasani water after finding that it was bottled tap water and contained carcinogens like barium, a poisonous heavy metal. This was a step foward in the consumer rights movement.

It's good to know that although consumer rights have been severely reduced, they're not completely gone yet. We've got a couple years left.
by DrIdiot April 03, 2005
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