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A Conservafuck is a conservative asshat. They are full of bigotry, misogyny, sexism, racism, and a whole bunch of other things that mean they hate everyone for the wrong reasons. They are narcissistic and think that ANYONE who calls them out for being disrespectful is a "liberal", like it's a bad thing. They mostly spew their hate on social media because they are too afraid and ashamed in what they believe in (Donald Trump) to approach anyone that disagrees with them, except the LGBTQA+ community. Conservafucks are extremely homophobic and mostly men. They cannot wrap their tiny little pea sized brains around the idea that someone would rather be with their own sex than be with them.
John Asshat: "You stupid fucking libtard! Go fuck your self!"

Sane people: "Ahaha look at that Conservafuck trying to hurt people's feelings! What a low life."
by Z.E.N May 14, 2016
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