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(1) (biology) a profound interest in conifers: cone-bearing seed plants with vascular tissue, better known as pine trees, cedars, firs, redwoods, spruces...

(2) (psychiatry) a type of dendrophilia, i.e. sexual attraction to trees, more specifically conifers. Dendrophilia is a paraphilia. Paraphilic dendrophiliacs and coniferophiliacs are aroused by trees and sometimes want to have sexual contact with them. Extremely rare.
- "How come you know so much about pines?"
- "Actually, I was talking about spruces, Jerry. But anyway, I'm a coniferophiliac, really."
- "What the hell? You wanna fuck trees??"
- "No, no, no, it just means I am interested in conifers."
- "That's not what Urban Dictionary says."
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by Monticello-W October 18, 2016
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