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Confido refers to two things, (i)one physical and (ii) one psychological. Although different, the two concepts closely intertwine.

i) The Confido is a legendary tattoo made famous by a young man from the city of Trondheim in Norway. Unique in style, placement and artwork, the Confido works as a sexual magnet on both male and female admirers. What the word confido really means is quite a mystery, with explanations depending on the alchohol level of the Confido bearer.

ii) Various interpretations of the Confido tattoo have lead to similar conclutions. Confido probably has something to do with self esteem, and/or trust in oneself. This means that a man with high belief in his own abilities has a high confido. A man with low self esteem and who is full of self-pity posseses no confido at all.
1) Confido-guy: "Man, I had to cover up the Confido at Bunnpris today.. The female cusomers just wouldn't stop looking at it!"

2) Confido-guy: "Shit! Guess what!? Today, at Bunnpris of course, I was approached by two hot blonde twins begging to lick my Confido. Due to my high level of confido I let them do it!"

3) Co-worker at BP Buran: "My life sucks! I haven't had any pussy for years, noone wants to sell me pot, I have no friends, and i even suck big-time at playing Counter Strike!"
Confido-guy: "Hey, dude, you REALLY need to boost your confido. Have you thought about getting a tattoo?"
by Tore Topplokk November 01, 2009
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