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A confident pair or group of individuals who's primary taste in clothing pertains to brightly coloured tracksuits. in their free time they contribute to the cancer imitating growth of their echo (what you might know as a friendship circle). Their choice in music, any modern subculture of gangsta-rap or pop-rap. They force themselves on to women, while also maintaining an illogical, self contradicting rush to the aid of a woman in need of protection from a confident male. They're often located, by day, in public parks and by night, discount stores and E-cigarette outlets. If a confident tracksuit cancer were to divide, they would, as individuals no longer be defined as a confident tracksuit cancer; Simply named a tracksuit tumour, similar to the beginning of a cancer as a tumour. while the confidence is derivative of their aforementioned echo.
lets cross the street here, so as to avoid the confident tracksuit cancer
by carcrashcorpse May 10, 2016
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