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A modern person who supports the Confederate States of America. You can normally see them in YouTube comments sections and other internet boards spewing garbage such as "The South will rise again", "SMH the north is filled with libtards", "If the Confederacy seceded again, they would win!" and much more.

It's going to be pretty hard to try to argue with them, because they still believe that it's possible that the south would secede from the United States. If you bring up good points, they will probably just call you a brainwashed Yankee libtard, even though you very well may just be a patriot or a well-informed person.
They are usually not rednecks, but rather socially awkward teens who spend all of their time on pol and were bullied by black kids once.
Confedaboo in YouTube comments: "We need to rise again! The pussy Libtards have ruined our country!"
Random Patriot: *gives actual facts why a new Confederacy would lose and why the south would never secede anyway*
Confedaboo: "Stupid Libtard!"
by EnjoyNukaCola August 05, 2017
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