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a conebishop is the name given to a priest who is easily aroused and dosent even try to hide the fact that he has an erection and just lets his stalk pertrude through his pants making the shape of a cone in his groinal area. these are evil people and must be banneshed to a far away land were wizards can boil there bottoms to make beard shampoo and extract there anchient unused seman to make wizardy ear drops to get rid of unwanted ear hair.
at church today farther griffin got an erection because mrs braithwaite fell over and showed everything off between her legs, she wasnt wearing panties as farther griffin left the alter to help he knocked over the alter with his penis and all the water went alover little damien and burnt his little face! damien was cryin so much that when farther griffin rushed over to see if he was alrite he stabbed him in the eye with his pertruding phalice this upset damiens mother who stood up to get damien away from him making farther griffin quickly turn round and break damians mothers nose! there was blood everywere i wont be going to that church again farther griffin is such a conebishop.
by Scrott rotter January 22, 2005
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