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An offensive term for a subculture of ugly high-school girls that go to shows and seldom every watch the bands. They usually wear outfits with polka dots, bows and headbands, tight t-shirts advertising terrible bands like Chiodos (which look all the more tighter consideirng most concert trash are fat) and an unnecessary amount of eye-makeup. While they usually have more money than your average joe, they do everything they can to appear underground (this, however, doesn't stop them from bringing their $200 RAZRs and $300 iPods to local shows). It is important to note that the ugliness and nerdiness of concert trash seperates them from your typical scene chicks.
"Are you going to the Static Lullaby show on Saturday?"

"Hell no. There'll be way too much concert trash."
by jjjizzones January 22, 2007
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