The course that an undergraduate mathematics and/or physics major must take at some point in their four year degree program. The purpose of this course is to cognitively bitch slap the shit out of the young and aspiring mathematician until he collapses into a deep, comatose like depression. At this point, the young mathematician begins to question concepts like the number zero, and its relationship to the amount of love received by his/her parents, the amount of attention received from the opposite sex, the amount of intelligence which resides within the capacities of their own mind, etc. Some classical analogues of this course are as follows: "getting stiff armed by Gerome Bettis while receiving a left hook from Tyson; having a homeless person give you his change, because he felt you needed it more; getting dunked on by a kid in a wheelchair; childbirth; Learning that your mother gave birth to you while taking a dump; catching a line drive down center field with your face; running through a gauntlet of ninjas, all of whom can round-house kick sand into glass." and last but not least, "its like taking 100 tabs of ecstasy while journeying to the center of existence"
Steve--"Hey Dave, how do you think you did on that Complex Analysis test?", Dave--"Dude, i got raped.", Steve-- "indeed, was it everything you had hoped for?" , Dave-- "yeah man, and more."
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