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Compayito is the name of one of the most famous characters of mexican television. He is a talkin' hand with eyes, and a comedian, that really knows how to make you laugh. El Compayito participates in many events, for example he was in Germany 2006 broadcast doing all the fun stuff and going to every match, interviewing, etc. He also plays many characters, for example he once personified ronaldo, the clown, don decente fernandez, etc. He likes to mess with everyone, especially celebrities. For example, he joked all the time with his coworkers Gabriel Batistuta, Bianchi, Samuel Eto'o, Hugo Sanchez, Pierluigi Collina, etc, during Germany06. Likes to drink a lot, even when he's on the tv set, and has been recorded drunk and stuff. Compayito (in english his name means buddy or something like that) is the real deal. One day appeared in tv a sad emulation of Compayito, with the name of 'Concayito' and he looked like a talkin foot, with eyes, and made fun of el Compaye. Anyway, we hope to see Compaye around for many years, and we think he'll make his comeback in Sufafrica 2010. Hope to see him there.
Dude: Oh, did you see the Compayito in tv last night?!
Dude2: Ohh yeah, he's awsome dude.
Dude: Guess what, i met him the other day!!
Dude2: Oh really, and what's he like?!
Dude: What do you mean. He is just a hand that talks.
Dude2: No, really, who's behind el Compaye?
Dude: Don't know what yar talkin bout, sorry.
by Doggg August 13, 2006
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