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*Sixty-nine (69)
Hell, damn, penis, vagina, butt, ass, crap, bitch, nigger, boob, fag, bastard, bugger, and prick are not swear words or cuss words. Often, they are common words mistaken for profanities. In fact, Hell and damn refer to evil predictions and theories. Penis and vagina are anatomically correct terms, and doctors use them; so are you kidding me?! Butt refers to the end of a cigarette, and ass means donkey. Crap and bitch are most legendary words ever, as they refer to a poker dice and a female dog, respectively, while mistaken for being profane or vulgar. Nigger is technically an insult, but it also means an Australian fish also known as a luderick. Boob, being short for booby, refers to a seabird. Fag means fountain alley goat. Bastard refers to a child born to unmarried parents, so how is that even 1% a profanity? Bugger and prick don't mean anything; bugger is simply a term to refer to an annoying, stalking person (alas "bugging one"), and prick refers to making a small hole with a sharp point. Suck and swallow are just normal terms; we all suck air and on lollipops, and swallow our food! And 69 is just a number, nothing vulgar about it! Freaking is actually short for "freaking out" and is not even a minced oath of a swear word.
by dangnuggets November 03, 2016
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