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v.- To make a redunkulously long comment to a friend's myspace page when it is plagued by incredibly pussified comments from a significant other. To be more effective a group of friends should group in "commentbombing squads" in order to take as much room on the page as possible, in order to eliminate the pussified comments.
A friend's myspace page
(I heart insert name more than anything!!!!!)
I love you more than anything you can imagine. You are my heart and soul. And I hope we will one day become one in a universe of love <3 <3 lol

Note to reader: In order to save your precious time, pretend there are hundreds of lines of blank space.
lol, commentbombing

by hteaDsinocaB December 04, 2006
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When someone overly adds comments on facebook just so the post will be at the top of top news.
I'm sorry, but I'm totally comment bombing your thing lionel.
by somerandomasian March 16, 2011
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