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An extremely popular ‘emo dog’ artist who is based primarily on twitter and deviantart. They mainly draw animals but sometimes humans too. They are extremely talented, leading to many of their followers trying to replicate their style and even go as far as imitate their personality. Anything they do becomes a trend within the emo dog community-the community itself is their puppet.

(Previously known as peaceskiies and cohzkie)
P1: Dude, did you see comfortpuppys recent drawing?

P2: Yeah , it looks amazing! When i get home i’m gonna do something exactly like it, and not be subtle at all!
by that one tumblr anon February 13, 2018
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When a guy tries to get with a girl who already has a boyfriend in a shaky relationship decides to help work things out (aka breaking up with the guy). He'll help break up and become the greatest friend in the girl's eyes and give her comfort and in an adorable way.
Oh Patrick, you Comfort Puppy you! We know you're jealous.
by JonasTHEPickHELL July 13, 2017
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